Android and iPhone/iPad Apps v1.8 Released and Available Now!

Andrew Boon posted 23rd of July 2013 in News. 17 comments.

With more and more devices appearing in Android range we had a few pending improvements in plans for a while. Today, we are announcing the release of v1.8 of both iOS and Android apps. The new apps feature some improvements and bug fixes, but Android app in particular has to be redesigned somewhat to work with the ever-growing variety of Google-powered handhelds.


Some pics to give you an idea of the Android app navigation design, more in line with the latest trends...




We are developing and testing for a good dozen of different reference devices now, so when you get the code with a Prime license - you know that most of legwork has been done for you and you can concentrate on extending, improving and rebranding your apps.


An important and long-awaited feature added to 1.8 is video upload. Videos are significantly more 'tricky' than photos, due to conversion, thumbnails, formats and size issues. Finally, we've been able to work them out and your site members can start sharing their videos from mobiles through your site!

What's New

  • Video upload
  • New design (Android App)
  • Send friend request button for private profiles
  • Confirmation for declining friend request
  • Bugfixes

NOTE: Dolphin 7.1.4 is required for Video Upload feature to work. The beta version has just been announced and full version is coming shortly.


How To Get'em

Mobile apps are available as a part of Prime Package. With Prime you can get the source code for both Android and iOS versions, modify them, install 3rd party modules from BoonEx Market and rebrand them as your own, submitting to Play and iTunes yourself.

It is possible to buy mobile apps separately, for $399 - read this to find out how. As you may see, buying Prime right away makes more sense, because you also get installation and Premium membership for free.

HINT!!!!!  To celebrate the release and let you get ahold of the updated mobile apps we're running a short "special" offer for a few days. Look for the next bit of news!


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How can I update my licences
Licenses don't require upgrade, they are permanent, if you had mobile license before then you can download new version.
Question. Those of us who already have PRIME, what's the offer?
You can download updated source codes from your Prime page and build new apps or update old apps with it.
does premium members have mobile licenses as well?i have two unused idea if these can be used
Usually when you buy Prime package it includes standard license, mobile license and premium status. But if you purchased premium status separately - then it doesn't include any licenses.
Upgraded to V1.8 is so far so good for S3.
Thanks for all the hard work and solved my two issues.
Just wonder that I did see the "+" in the page similar to the Kangaroo page above.
I wish you guys added Ads module
We can do this for you. Email me at
when for dolphin (mobile) "with windows phone?"
Thanks Alex T can u send me url for download pls..
Go to Account > Prime Packages > Download iPhone App source code and Download Android App source code
Alex is there a forum for the new mobile app? I did the upgrade of 7.1.4 and upgraded the mobile app, however 2 errors i encountered, 1 file is to large meaning video. That i could understand and uploaded a video of 7 sec. The other is when it uploaded via mobile, and i attempt to view it on Android, it displays "sorry this video can not be played."
Could you add "Event" module to the App?
I have the standard boonex and I want to buy a prime , can I just upgrade my package for what the difference is ?
Whats the latest version with or without license? Also i should be entitled to rebrand my mobile i had purchased eveything years ago, what can i do?
Can someone please explain why every single mobile version is omitting the events? It's such an important part of the website?
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The new Dolphin solution is powered by UNA Community Management System.