boonex developers have to think smart and developer something different

coolnaija posted 2nd of August 2011 in Community Voice. 4 comments.

boonex developers have to think smart and developer something different from other social network,right now i need solid ideas that will bring new developer? please bonnex developer think a new way out.think out of the box will make a different instead of copying some social network?what is your view please i want to see those that are think like me,if u re not thinking like please save your comment

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Its not the developers place to think of ideas and concepts. It is the developers place to develop the ideas and concepts of their customers. The people who should be thinking outside the box, and more importantly, taking the risks are the site owners.

If Your site does not have functionality that will get you members thats down to you, and a lack of imagination. I have Bi-polar disorder which makes me a naturaly wired conceptual thinker (a bonus in this game). All of my custom mods have been see more thought up by myself, and i have taken a huge risk in investing in them to be developed for my site. Hopefully this will pay off, if it doesnt I willnot blame the developers and these are my concepts. They just did the work that I could not do.

well is good,but your site is very slow for me,and have not see something really interesting.sorry but that is the truth
it is the only dolphin site with a self promotion scroller... Thats a start..... It also has the most advanced video contest and chart system on any dolphin site.... thats another start.... if you want to build crap sites and listen to no one but yourself... go ahead, you can drown in pool of bad sites... because I dont intend to pull try to pull you out of the water.
we all get the software with great features...
Modders should not thing how to make business out of it...
otherwise if they happen to think how to make Boonex Dolphin a better competitor with facebook, ning, tagged etc.
they mods will really be a hit.

One good example is deanos tools which is Dolphin centric.
modzzz, fb integration are consumer centric not boonex centric.
Boonex can demand some assistance from modders to work on this to improve the package in every release..

someday Dolphin see more might be released as
Dolphin CMS package
Dolphin Handpicked addons [you are free to choose what to install, like fantastico]

or maybe Dolphin Full package [1GB, just install the full package and remove what you dont want]
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