Boonex Market Spring Cleaning

Andrew Boon posted 1st of March 2017 in Boonex News. 5 comments.

Boonex Market has grown to include over 3000 listings. Many of them are excellent extensions, templates, languages or service offerings, supported and regularly updated.

At the same time we have accumulated a number of "sub-par" listings that haven't been attended to by their authors for years. Moreover, due to several market updates we still have some listings that use pictures with outdated resolution or don't have proper categories, motives or tags assigned. And finally, we need to prepare for an upcoming Market update which will bring better navigation, new categories structure and improved search. 

Therefore, last week we've started reviewing every single listing, making sure that all relevant requirements are met. Admittedly, we have taken a somewhat "hot-headed" approach and started blocking non-compliant products right away, causing a backlash. Thanks, for the most part, to heroic intervention from Nathan Paton we are taking a more staged approach now, sending warnings with specific explanations.

Ultimately, our goal is to re-fresh the products list and keep the Market clean and relevant for the sake of community site operators.

The cleanup process will take a few weeks and we expect to update the Market navigation in mid April, then promptly restoring weekly Market digest newsletters and regular updates of Motives (manually curated collections for various niches).

Your suggestions are most welcome!

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How about letting us know beforehand which modules are going bye bye in case just perhaps we want them.
Hi. Speaking about Market. And developers. And updates.
May be it's not so bad idea, to put some deadline, obligating term to update products? Say, after this term product will disappear from market and developer gets some negative sign? maybe 10% discount on all his products for 2-3 mo, something, that will work?

Needless to say, that Boonex can't stay by side: since you guys don't want to make simple and usual things (I mean simple and usual for social network site) - you push us to buy it see more on market. And than we need to pray that developer will be so kind, so kind... to upgrade his one product!!! And what if not? Single solid from site going to hell?
I still think a third party Market independent from Boonex is a good idea. That way the community can have more say in the Market of which products we want to see and don't want to see. Just because Boonex want to remove products from the Market; and I have a feeling this is more about making your support easier, doesn't mean that we want them gone.
It's possible to have one's site with mods and so, like AndrewP have. Needs somebody independent to administrate totally independent Market. I like both options: managed by developer with mandatory obligations, deadline for updates, fixed prices and so, and by side - totally independent - to whom it may be more suitable.
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