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CALTRADE posted 19th of July 2012 in Community Voice. 4 comments.

I am starting a group on Google+ where we will use the videoconferencing (hangouts) feature of that service to meet face to face to review each others ventures, and to give ideas and recommendations.   It would be nice to have a few Dolphin developers there.   Contact me if interested.  More information can be found on this link:

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Hope that works out for yall. Too many people stick with some bad methods for too long and keep fueling them, until it drains them. A lot of them don't want to hear their ideas or implementations are bad. It's a difficult thing to give advice in a manner that will be well received. Many people interpret advice as some sort of personal criticism, so what you are doing, can get a little tricky.
@Houston - it is mostly an experiment, but yeah, people can take advice wrong. In a group setting though, if they here the same thing from a number of people it should give them more of a clue. Then of course, they may like the advice, but not have the resources or expertise to pull it off. I just posted about it again - you are welcome to join us

Really, too many Dolphin ventures are either failing or not taking off the way they should, and I think we need to get to the see more bottom of it.
I'll give it some thought. My background is electronics engineering/oilfield services/manufacturing,... not sure if that brings much to the table in your group setting.
I think you'll do fine, if the people are not looking for new ideas, then they will not even show up.

When people come to a table to discuss things, they are expecting new ideas, so people like this generally appreciate positive criticism, especially if it comes in a way that is easily received. Some people are better at this than others, and some people never have anything positive to add.

Sometimes, even when there is something useful in what they are saying, since they never learned how see more to communicate, it is hard to see if they have anything good to offer or not.
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