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sammie posted 1st of June 2009 in Community Voice. 4 comments.

i have reported the same bug 4 times, and i dont understand how it manages to keep comming back. is it because boonex are working from a master set of files and it wasn't fixed in them? or is it just a case of the right hand not knowing what the left one is doing?

take this bug, bottle.mp3 thats what the system calls for. but the file is called Bottle.mp3  ooops

now i reported it in 6.1.2 but as 1.3 and 1.4 were security patches it wasnt fixed, so i reported it again. and heres the ticket


status Fixed. version 6.1.5

but 6.1.5 was a disaster and needed a patch, and it looks like a copy n paste from elsewhere, as the bug is back in 6.1.6

but it dont end there. 3 months ago i reported the same bug in dolphin 7 and.....


<item key="test" value="Blow.mp3" />
<item key="userIn" value="Glass.mp3" />
<item key="userOut" value="Submarine.mp3" />
<item key="activeMessage" value="Hero.mp3" />
<item key="passiveMessage" value="bottle.mp3" /> <<<<<<its still here... fixed 1 hour ago thank you guys
<item key="userChat" value="Ping.mp3" />
<item key="userMessage" value="Basso.mp3" />
<item key="userWhisper" value="Sosumi.mp3" />
<item key="userVideo" value="Purr.mp3" />

bottle.mp3 might not sound like a critical file or bug, but it is, why? because this file is not only a sound file, but the chat sound system fails after 90 seconds if this file is not used.

this file keeps alive the main room sounds while you are in a private chat, so you hear this file with every line of text in the main chat. if you are in pm and this file is missing. then when you return to the main chat, say after 2 minutes, the whole chat sound system stops working.

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Bug with bottle.mp3 was fixed in 6.1.5, also this fix is in 6.1.4-6.1.5 patch.

Dolphin 6.1.6 has not this bug at all.

The only problem if you try to apply 6.1.5-6.1.6 patch to Dolphin 6.1.4, but this is wrong way and you need to apply patches incrementally, one by one. So, if you have Dolphin 6.1.4 and you want to upgrade to Dolphin 6.1.6 you need to apply 6.1.4-6.1.5 patch and then 6.1.5-6.1.6 patch.

Dolphin 7 is being developed separately, and this bug is not fixed in Dolphin 7 yet, but see more will be fixed very soon. (Thank you Sammie for remind this)
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ok as i changed the file name to fix it, because it didnt say what file was calling for it, then the fixed patch made it look like another lol so sorry guys, i just changed the file name to a cap B now lmao
Whatever happen to a bug fix for presence chat in the last upgrade/update? I saw many people having issues with it not loading as i do but i havent heard of a fix and my site is buzzing with "dude it doesnt work" lol
I agree, my "Board" or "Chat" does not work and I cannot figure out why.

If anyone has any insight, I would be very much appreciative to know what is going on. Thanks!
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