chat welcome msg ?

unlimeet posted 15th of July 2008 in Community Voice. 5 comments.

Hi, I wanted to know how to translate this message :

Welcome to our chat! You are in the "Lobby" now, but you can pass into any other public room you wish to - take a look at the "All rooms" box. If you have any problems with using this chat, there is a "Help" button on the right at the top (a question icon). Simply click on it and find the answers to your questions.

It's not part of the language file, somebody can help me and tell me where to find and how to translate this message ?

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This is "greetings" of 'Lobby' room - you can edit it table `RayChatRooms`, field 'Description'.
It's look like the chat have some cache file because after my change, the room still exist with the standard greetings.
Some extra help please ;)
I also translated the field description in the RayChatRooms, but the translation is not showing on my site.

I even deleted the "Lobby" and "Friends" room from the database, but they still show up on my chat.

How to solve this problem ?
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