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Sola posted 29th of July 2008 in Community Voice. 4 comments.

Hello, I want to create two headers, one for the index, and another one for the rest of the web site, my idea is on index don´t have a banners but in the rest I want the banners like now.


Thank you from Mallorca

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Yes, you can use different headers/footers for different pages
For example, index page
__include _header.html__
__include _footer.html__
_header.html page and

but you able create another footers/headers, like
_footer2.html or _footer_.html (as you want)
and just include its (as new footers)
__include _footer2.html__
__include _footer_.html__

Thank you, yes I did it.

Can you recomend any good program for the banners, for pages, for profiles, etc,,,

thanks again
Ok, I will try again, you know any programs to arrange the banners, for example, that a banner only appears on profiles, but on the rest of the web site it doesn't. I decide where and when.
This is the idea.

Tahnk you
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