Dolphin 7.1

lynxmondz posted 8th of November 2012 in Community Voice. 1 comment.

1. it will there be after reading other display videos or sound related to the file like youtube instead of clicking on the arrow to see the next or previous or in the block report

2.provision can click on the images for having the image is cool but adds power by being able to change the image from left to right when reading would be even better
3.display while playing, how long does it take video or sound
4.put another image or singers on the sound instead of the default image
5.can change the photo capture video,
6.Slideshow photos, videos, sounds ...

play video and sound does not work with HTML5, you have to click to read

The HTML5 plugins no longer displays the time of the video except at the beginning because it is not done automatically

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to send the invitation to several people at once instead of one & one,
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