Dolphin 7.1 Privacy Settings

houstonlively posted 15th of July 2012 in Community Voice. 3 comments.

In Dolphin 7.0.9, I have over 30 selector lists on the privacy settings page.  It's confusing.  I think this can be made a lot easier for members to understand, if these settings were presented in a grid matrix, with check boxes instead of the drop down selectors.



Privacy Setting Me Only Public Members Friends Custom 1 Custom 2
Blog Post
Blog Rate
Blog View
Event View
Event Join
Event Forum Post
Event Upload Photos
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Well... I had a grid of checkboxes in the above post, but TinyMCE seems to have stripped out the malicious checkbox code. You'll just have to imagine them. My point is, have every setting in a neat, compact table format, so it's easier to see the big picture.
10000% agreed..

the current system makes it look cluttery and a bit non-professional.
1000000% agreed.

It needs rectifying and it should all be visible at a glance what privacy settings you have set and to what level without having to expand each section.
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