Dolphin iPhone-iPad-iPod-Android Apps v.1.7 Released!

Andrew Boon posted 18th of February 2013 in News. 20 comments.

Just as most of the web pundits predicted, mobile browsing is overtaking desktop. Facebook officially acknowledged that their US mobile traffic surpassed desktop traffic for the first time. Virtually all of it comes from native iOS and Android Apps. We have been focusing on native mobile apps for Dolphin for a long while now and gradually they are maturing into a platform in it's own right - with support of 3rd party modules and with more and more core Dolphin functionality.


Today, we're happy to announce updates to both the Dolphin for Android and Dolphin for iOS (universal app). Both are v.1.7 now and both are available for download at iTunes and Google Play respectively. 


As always, if you have a Mobile License (comes with Prime package) you can have the source code of both apps, rebrand them and submit to iTunes and gPlay as your own.


What's New

We have refreshed the design a bit, updated icons, and fixed known bugs, but most importantly the process of adding sites and logging-in has been streamlined. This is also coupled with integration of Facebook login (which is now supported on OS level both by Android and iOS), thus for the first time creating an opportunity for people to start using Dolphin websites via mobile apps without initially joining them through a browser.


Note, that Facebook login will only work with Dolphin 7.1.1+ sites, so please wait a week or so for that one. On to the lists and screenshots...


iOS App:


- Updated design (icons, toolbar)

- Simplified site adding/logging-in functionality

- iPhone 5 support (new screen size)

- Facebook login (will work with 7.1.1+)

- Autologin

- Bugfixes:    

     * Passing logged-in user info for request to images (ticket #2854)    

     * Video/sound wasn't playing in iOS6 (ticket #2924)    

     * Add friend wasn't working (ticket #3033)






Android App:

Get it on Google Play

- Updated design (icons)

- Simplified site adding/logging-in functionality

- Facebook login (will work with 7.1.1+)

- Autologin

- Images handling improvements (auto-rotation after upload, fullscreen view, preserving selected image during rotation)

- Bugfixes:    

     * Passing logged-in user info for request to images (ticket #2854)    

     * Add friend wasn't working (ticket #3033)    

     * App error if user's location is undefined (ticket #2859)    

     * Missing translation (ticket #2853)





How To Get Dolphin Mobile Apps

Go to Start Page and order Prime to get a license and source code for both iOS and Android Apps for Dolphin. Once you have the license, you can modify, rebrand and expand your apps using 3rd-party modules from BoonEx Market. 


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Is it possible to deactivate the facebook login and join feature completely?
Facebook login/join appears only if BoonEx Facebook Connect module is installed, so you can uninstall this module to remove Facebook login from the site and mobile app.
Question: If the Facebook Login/Join will work with 7.1.1 and considering there isn't a D7.1.1 yet, does that mean it will not work yet? I know you get tired of hearing this too, but can we pretty please get the Timeline incorporated into the mobile apps? At least the ability to view friends activities and post text & photos to it. The current app is really good for 'browsing' the site, but not so much on contributing content. That still requires members to use the full site.

I know I have see more already heard 'Not now' and 'You can use 3rd party mods', but if you choose to use 3rd party mods such as IBDW's mobile spy/evo wall (which is a great mod), then you have to uninstall the Timeline module all together since they do not play well.
would love to see timeline in mobile apps too!
As social sites are all based around the sharing of content and activities it fails me why Boonex do not concentrate on this aspect and produce a complete mobile app that at least competes with the most well known apps in giving the user an immediate experience from opening the app and being able to see the sites acitivities. There ere basic wordpress mobile app themes out there that outshine this mobile app in basic menu and layout design and content delivery.

When a user uses an app he/she wants see more to see content, he/she wants to see his friends latest updates and actions.
The user doesn't want to have to click through many levels to see the profile information of a user, he wants to click the user on the app and see the profile without further having to click through to get more information, and then have to keep clicking back to the profile to select another part of the persons profile. The app seems to assume the user would rather click forward and backwards for each profiles information (profile photo / profile photos etc etc) - rather than just simply scroll down and see the all the profile information on one page/screen.

In my opinion boonex should sit down with the top 3 mobile apps and see where users have driven those apps in delivery of content and user features.

Facebook - friends activity wall - menu slides out of the way until needed
Twitter - status updates immediately shown when you open the app, menu again hidden till needed
Pinterest - again, user content displayed as soon as you open the app

Give the user an immediate experience of discovery and let them then filter their searches if they so require.
100% agree with you... we are in 2013... check the other
apps of other social network website... and you will see how much thing that you can do with their apps.... the boonex one dont worth 400$!!! You should be able to live chat, upload photo taken from smartphone camera, signup completly with or without facebook, use the GPS function and use Push notification for new message or new friend invitation... there so much to do with mobile apps... the boonex one is TOO basic... please work on that see more and maybe i will pay 400$ for it..
The versions on Android Marketplace are not compatible with my Nexus 7 tablet.
Also, can these new versions connect to a 7.0.9?
This new version is compatible with all Android devices starting from Android OS v.2.2.
What is your Android OS version ?
My tablet is a Asus/Google Nexus 7 running Android 4.2.2, when i compile the app by myself i can make it run on the tablet.

Can these new apps also connect to 7.0.9 ?
There is minimal API 8 required which is Android 2.2 and there is no maximum, so all future versions should be compatible, also I've tested on Android 4.2 emulator - it runs on it. Please provide more info and error messages (with screenshot please), so we can investigate it.

Yes, new 1.7 version is backward compatible and can connect to Dolphin 7.0.9 sites. However some features may be turned off, like Facebook login.
Andrew Boon
Outline/Timeline in mobile apps is "on the table" for a while now. We are looking at different ways that we could make it happen. The thing is - it's not as trivial as it may seem. Facebook, Google+, etc. actually have a much easier task - they don't have to account for 3-rd party modules within their apps. We do. Moreover, we have to account for potential configuration differences and develop mobile-outline accordingly. For example, we can't just show "member posted a new event" see more until there's a fully-functional Events module for mobile app - all links need to work within the app and need to provide a meaningful experience for common use-cases. Basically, adding a proper Timeline to mobile apps commands adding at least twice as much functionality and versatility as we have now. We are keen to do that, but need to know exactly how before we start coding.
Hi Andrew! I am a stand alone app developer and have some ideas for Boonex. Maybe we can chat sometime. We have implemented a lot of additional functionality in the apps. Skype me sometime. Thanks for reading the comment! Skype Name: TatsFinder
I completely understand what you are saying Andrew. It would be practically impossible to account for all 3rd party module interactions. I do have a suggestion for that. I do not see having a mobile 'Outline' so no need to use that term anymore. The 'Timeline' is what I am referring to here. Previously when there was a 'wall' instead of the timeline, you have the ability to view yours and your friends posts on one wall.

I think for this mobile Timeline, you should consider: 1.) Being able to see more view yours and your friends posts/activity 2.) Restrict the 'links' available to click in the timeline posts (3rd party solution). For example, we have a mobile photos, blogs, profiles, and videos so ONLY those links should be click-able. 3.) Allow a way to post text comment on ANY content. 4.) Allow the ability to upload photos to the timeline (since we only have the ability to upload photos at this time).

From here you can always add additional features as the mobile apps grow, but at least we would have a 'great start' to offer our members a mobile app that is more interaction than 'read-only'.
Andrew Boon
Yes, pretty much something like that is going to be added and then gradually improved.
Thanks. Hopefully added soon?? :)
Andrew Boon
Well, hard to say... we discuss it almsot every day, have some sketches and ideas, but it unclear when exactly we will be working on it. Likely in the next mobile version upgrade, but not sure when yet.
Can the app use geo-tracking function to see and locate other members?
rlharrison1953 just notified me: "As for your last request about the IOS and Android application please, note that it requires custom development and this is something that currently we do not offer. Thus what you might have to do is to contact IOS and Android developer which will be able to create and submit your IOS and Android Apps to the Apple AppStore and the Android Google Play store. How do I get this resolved?" I understood this was included and ran flawless in 7.1. I am new and see more this is confusing.
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