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jpl1er posted 7th of October 2012 in Community Voice. 6 comments.

So many improvement in 7.1 but it look like it will be still the same situation for Multi language sites.


At the moment, it is almost impossible to have an efficient Multi language site, as it is just possible to translate the system, but not display content in a selected language.


So my idea/dream is:


Give the choice to the author/admin of showing the content for each language.


For example when writing an article , or an event,.... to have something like:


Show this article in:

1. All language

2. English

3. French


 and have the box in index / Events home,.... just showing the content from the selected language

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yeah, this would be very usefull!
It seems this won't be available at this time or the production team is keeping it as a surprise. There is also a needing of multi-lang for Membership description. ATM it just support one single language. But I am sure they are doing the best.
It would also be nice if Boonex completed translation of the Admin panel. At the moment the Admin Panel is a big mess while viewing it in other languages as it has only been partially translated. For people who are bilingual or even poly-lingual it's only slightly annoying but for people who are not fluent in English or that do not understand English at all ... it's a nightmare.
This as nothing to do with the multilanguage and Boonex. It is just that your language file is not complete and it id missing some key.
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