Dolphin U Alpha 5 - Public Preview

Andrew Boon posted 1st of September 2014 in News. 31 comments.

The long-awaited super-update of Dolphin, now known as Dolphin U, is available for public preview! This is a very exciting moment for our team - a major milestone on the way to the "dream release" we've been working on for so long. 



Had to shout it out loud. Alpha means not-feature-final. There's a bunch of things we're still working on, including some major user-interface elements and even whole modules. We need a few more weeks to proceed to a feature-final version (beta). This Alpha is "upgradable", though. Dolphin U features an automated core-version update system - so, with any luck you should be able to move on to further builds seamlessly. 

Don't launch a real site on it. You can, but you shouldn't. Dolphin U is not production-ready yet. There's very little documentation. Some things still break. Some elements may be missing. Whole site can go belly up any moment if you launch it on Dolphin U Alpha now. So, don't. Make test installs or use our online demo. If you get stuck, ask questions in the forum or wait until a properly packaged version is out. 


Access details (download and demo)
GitHub Repo
Dolphin U Forum


Please post your feedback in the Dolphin U forum. A lot depends on your input now. Specific bug reports are most helpful - that's the kind of feedback that brings Dolphin U closer to final release most effectively. 


Thank you for your patience and continued support! It is an incredible relief to be able to open up and share our progress publicly. Now that there's access to the development repo you can track every small iteration of what we believe is to become the world best Community Management System. Ahoy! 

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I am a bit lost. I think its good advice to myself to sit back and see how this continues with full features. Right now this alpha preview looks very less than desirable. There is not much to be seen in this live preview. I am really hoping this is not the default way our installations look without purchasing a template either? I just have a lot to learn is all I hope. Look forward to a more pronounced beta.
"Dolphin U Continious Integration"

Will somebody please correct that spelling already? It's been driving me nuts for weeks.
Fixed, thank you for the report.
I have a question about auto update..... It will auto update from alpha to beta also?
Hey Andrew, it looks promising!
How about the forum?
I hope you will finally go away from Orca and XSLT.
Reminds me of FaceBook in it's first days. This is a good thing, It shows allot of potential. I would also add, the speed of the site loading is incredible. Very fast!

Will we be able to upgrade from are old Dolphin sites?
Another suggestion... The Polyglot module should give the option to automaticly translate with google or Manual Translate... or auto translate the new String that is added with Module upgrade... until you edit it manually... so at least when a module auto upgrade with new string... and your in vacation... your member dont see some term in the wrong language until you translate it manually....
But with the feature of auto update and Disk space limite per membership level... Dolphin U totally got me!!!!!!!!!
What would be neat to allow more people to give feedback would be a Virtual Machine with a LAMP stack already configured and ready to go. Where Dolphin would be already installed and configured and all that is needed is testing it and giving feedback. Just a suggestion. Clement
I dont understand where Dolphin is going after seeing this preview really...just another competitor to Joomla, Drupal and Wordpress with more focus is on organisations, notes etc? I like that there is features taken from Facebook and it is many more features there that you can copy.

I think Boonex lost their community/social user focus and try to compete on several cms markets where Dolphin not have a strong position like the big tree ones.

Question is why should I buy/use Dolphin U expensive see more when I can get Joomla 3.+ now for free with some extra paid addons (excellent social user profiling system like EasySocial, JoomSocial, CommunityBuilder etc..) + templates that are far ahead of what Dolphin U can do as a cms system right now?
Andrew Boon
Perhaps it's not obvious yet, but focus on social is even stronger in U. For instance, multiple profiles and Messages with multiple participants are significant parts of Dolphin U. Just wait until you start seeing "assembled" sites and it should become obvious.
I can't download any extensions... I get a error : Fatal error: Class 'OAuth' not found in /home/admin/public_html/ on line 112
You need to have oauth php module, however we will consider to include standalone oauth library in Dolphin U in future versions, so you will not need to have this extension installed on server side.
oauth is installed on my server. now when i try to download any extension i get this error : "ZIP library is not available"
here is a screenshot :
must install this module : php module: zip ?
Yes, php zip module is also required, you can see all required php modules in:
Dolphin U Studio > Dashboard > Host Tools > Server Audit
I saw it. by the way : too many hosting requirements ... and I use a vps.
you should try to make it as simple you can ...
Yes, we will try to get rid of oauth dependency.
Will DU ( all versions ) be smart phone ready ?? and offered in all packages?
So my suggestions
1st. Auto site update or bug fix is implemented.
2nd. Ajax in search is working havn't tested for whole site. Hope it will update comments and other content in real time.
3rd. So far i havn't seen Internal sharing function. Same old facebook twitter etc external sharing function.
4th. Play button needed on videos thumbnails..have to see when video module comes.
I think old outline structue was gud in grid form but it was too small. I like the bigger preview of notes if see more this way outline come that would be better. Plus the number of Favs n comments should be shown below the thumbnails. The current out line sturcture can be used for timeline or feedline( friends updates).
I think by auto update function DU can be built rapidly.
just signed up and found out

my suggestions
1st. Auto site update or bug fix is implemented. I hope got it right.
2nd. Ajax is working for the site.
3rd. Internal sharing function is working thanks.
4th. Play button needed on videos thumbnails..have to see when video module comes.
hi..the site is not working..
it say ...

403 Forbidden

Will I be able to upgrade to Dolphin U from my current Dolphin Boonex ?
pretty neat but adding locked albums for sound pictures and video where members can request a password would be a plus!
Design a template quickly. I notice when i got to a website if its eye catching I really could care less about the features.
Below is the legacy version of the Boonex site, maintained for Dolphin.Pro 7.x support.
The new Dolphin solution is powered by UNA Community Management System.