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Andrew Boon posted 23rd of July 2014 in Boonex News. 25 comments.

Two weeks of Dolphin 8 Private Preview passed and the feedback from the first group of testers has been absolutely invaluable! We have made quite a few improvements, changes and reassessments. Perhaps the most notable one is that Dolphin 7 and Dolphin 8 will now be separated into two different products - Dolphin Classic (current D7) and Dolphin U (current D8).

Together with the first group of testers we have clearly realised that Dolphin 8 is so different, both in function and in purpose, that it would make sense not only to continue developing both Dolphins for a long time simultaneously, but also to name them differently as well. Furthermore, we should  stay away from focusing too much on version numbers, because we plan to start producing more frequent incremental updates. Numbers will change often and will not be indicative of the update "grade".  

What we all know and love as Dolphin 7.x will be known as Dolphin Classic. We will keep updating it gradually, implementing the best ideas from both products while focusing on what it has always been good at - social networking. 

Now, the new kid in town is quite different. It’s a lot more universal. By design Dolphin 8 is all about mixing and matching Extensions and creating any kind of social website seamlessly. It may work as a standalone weblog or a company publishing platform, but we still use the word “social”, because unlike most other CMSs Dolphin puts prominence of user profiles as the first priority. Still "social software", but flexibility of having a super-granular control over features combination results in something rather extraordinary - an unlimited creative potential.  Moreover, this Dolphin is a tightly unified system that fuses site configuration, content management, control over design and extensions market into one integral platform. Universal, Unlimited and Unified - three powerful U-words that may sound daring, but somehow the new Dolphin makes it look like a child’s play, making it possible for just one person, U, to control it. See what I did there? :) Say hello to Dolphin U



And Licenses... What's gonna happen to Licenses?!

I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse.

(Don Corleone)


Dolphin U will be offering a different "licensing" approach. The core will be completely free. No paid license for link removal will be required. Some of the extensions, however, would be only available for a fee. Most extensions will be offered by third-party developers and some will come from BoonEx directly. Think about it as of, say, a free smartphone with only core apps included and a variety of apps available for purchase from the smartphone manufacturer and their 3-rd party partners. 

Dolphin Classic Licenses, however, have always been advertised as permanent and with unlimited version updates. This means, that even though Dolphin U and Dolphin Classic are separate products, the current Dolphin Classic license covers either. You can keep using Dolphin Classic or switch to Dolphin U and download all Boonex-made paid extensions free of charge. Think about it as of a non-expiring "all-you-can-eat" coupon, that will soon turn out to be a very smart price-capping.

In other words - if I were you, I'd run and grab a few more licenses pronto! This promise will always be honoured, but current Dolphin Classic licensing packages will eventually be re-adjusted. So, think quick!


When is Dolphin U coming out?

Developer Preview starts today. Leading developers from BoonEx Market will be invited to have an early look and get their Extensions ready when the platform officially launches. The official launch itself is not far-off either, since we've decided to make it available starting from the first BETA. However bumpy the first ride may be, it will be a good fun! 

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It sounds like I like it :) +1
im confused. What about those of us who initially paid $800 for the license, & since the new core will be free, what do "we" get? So I could've waited & got Dolphin for free? im confused.
What I gathered from Andrew's post, was that the Dolphin U core is free, and that the core will contain only basic functionality. Additional Boonex modules to extend the functionality will come at a cost. Current license holders will get Boonex supplied Dolphin U modules at no cost. New Dolphin U users will pay for additional modules. If I understand it correctly, your license{s) entitles you to any Boonex created Dolphin U module ever created at no additional charge.

It's good news that see more the products are separated and that the D7 product will continue on its own path. With a few more refinements, D7 will be a pretty decent product.... I'm really glad it's not being abandoned in favor of a new platform that will have a new learning curve. Whatever Dolphin U shapes up to be, at least we'll have more choices.
one can build in their own functionality unless the code is encrypted, I would assume?
Yea or Nay?

Joe - Over 67 years on the planet and still having fun on the web. ( Dolphin at it's finest moment - at least at my AO )
Andrew Boon
Just like houstonlively noted, your licences will work for Dolphin Classic or will "buy" all the BoonEx-created paid modules. What other can get for free is just a bare platform.
Thank you for both of your replies. My concerns were answered. Thank you.
how about some real details about the functionality and what U does that 7 doesn't?
Andrew Boon
This is coming very soon - even now we're still renaming things and adding features, so it makes sense to put off this discussion a bit.
OK. I have a 4 Permanent licecne for Dolphin. I pay it lot of money, and I think that will be great if we been automaticly switch to Prime licence, and that we get at least mobile rebrending for free (included in licence).
Andrew Boon
Every license of yours works and will continue to work as an entitlement to either use Dolphin Classic or Dolphin U. Mobile License is a part of Prime, but separately it costs the same as a Permanent Dolphin License. We can, should you ever want it, exchange a Dolphin license to a mobile license for you. They are the same value.
OK. Thx for info. How we can arange that?
Best regards
I have gathered about 8 licenses over the years and I asked to convert one of them into a mobile license and was told "no". Has this changed, if so I would like to exchange a couple of Dolphin licenses for mobile licenses.
Andrew Boon
We didn't have the right tool convert for a while, but now we do. You can just email your request to with reference to this reply/comment. We can only convert "paid" licenses though, not the ones that have been granted for free.
I assume that the exchange includes mobile rebranding?
Andrew Boon
Mobile License gives your the _right_ to rebrand. It doesn't include a rebranding service, since it is more of a creative process that may be very different depending on your personal branding specifics.
Also, I hope that Dolphin U finaly have true multilanguage support.
Andrew Boon
Dolphin U has a significantly improved languages management system, called Polyglot. You'll be able to test it soon and we do plan to publish separate tutorials on every component to explain how they work.
Will Dolphin be totally Mobile accessible ......... Half the people i know are logged into their social experience Via mobile phones ?
Andrew Boon
The main idea behind the new Dolphin U interface is to make it universal for mobiles, desktops or whatever. I'd say we're spending about half the time just working on that.
Excellent, thats just what i wanted to hear .
any plan to add file manager in dolphin U for tiny mce..???
is dolphin U template is responsive ??

I like this idea of free.
I am really impressed with the decision to keep D7 and DU separate products and Boonex not giving up D7 completely. Props to Andrew Boon and all the Developers at Boonex for working so hard at all they are doing for their current and future customers. Boonex has always given people more bang for their money than any of their competitors, and now I feel they have very much gone over the top with what is soon to come for all of us.

I have worked with many social software's developed by other companies, see more and Boonex seems to always give the most user friendly (front & back end) product out there. All around Boonex has given the best to my company. The Boonex/Unity community is also a great blessing to the Dolphin software. Without all of you, with your posts and involvement, we wouldn't have such an amazing product. Andrew Boon and his people seem to listen to their users and communicate so freely, and always so helpful. All of this is why I and my partners stay loyal with Boonex and the people.

While the people at Boonex have been teasing my partners and myself, as well as my team with the new DU, we have been preparing as well. I believe that Dolphin U will be exactly what all of us here have been waiting for. We feel confident that our latest investment in new servers and racks, as well as the move to 2 separate locations to become fully redundant was a very solid investment. We thank Boonex for the drive to take this giant leap. We look forward to celebrating the victory of a new journey with everyone!

A warm thanks from myself and my team to Andrew Boon, the developers, and all of the Boonex/Unity community for being the finest bunch of folks we have seen in the social software world. You are all appreciated and irreplaceable.
Heck -- if I purchased a lic.. i"d croak before I got to enjoy it. I'm still having fun with the older Dolphin.. save the lic. that was - appears to be frozen in time... so I went to the next one in the queue.. NICE, easy to work with... have a list of err's that are not critical.. but still present - could be the host ( one you recommended ) ... but they haven't robbed me of the fun I am having between shots of Geritol. The other odd item... I went to import an updated language file.. it see more barfed. So I had to mySQL Admin the changes.

Joe - Over 67 years on the planet and still having fun on the web. ( Dolphin at it's finest moment - at least at my AO )
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