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i just finish examining dolphin7 i think its has a lot of nice improvements. but personaly i will not upgrade. using a free copy of dolphin i agree to the logo of boonex, i think that it is best placed at bottom of page and that the logo on top should be mine. i think there are lots of things that are not user friendly and that the average person will get bored before they learn how to operate all the gadgets that dont do much of anything. from the first time i saw dolphin i admired its completeness but i spend all day and night in frount of computer and i think the average person is not going to dedicate the time to learn to speak dolphin just to talk to their friends with the computer. i live in spain, here you have 5 people working on the road, one is holding a shevel another is telling him how to use it while the third is cursing the drivers because they want to see whats happening the forth person is supervising the fifth who is laying the tar. out of 5 we have 1 actually working. if i upgrade i will lose 4 out of every 5 of my members 

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Nathan Paton
Actually, no licenses or any other restrictions have been placed on the new version of Dolphin over it's predecessors. Like in Dolphin 6.1, a link-back to BoonEx is placed at the bottom of every page, along with being placed at the bottom of the Flash applications. The logo on the top of the page is just that, a logo, which was placed as a default and can be changed from the same place as always.

The new feature set is actually quite interesting to some of us, but that's always a matter of opinion. see more One of the advantages of Dolphin 7 is that the old "here it is" feature set has been replaced by a modularized system, where you can choose to add or remove applications with the literal click of a button. The only things different in the form of feature loss is Presence and Profile Music, with the former being replaced by a status update feature and the latter now playing music only from your albums.

If you've used Dolphin 6.1 and understand (mostly) how it works, then you'll find Dolphin 7 easy to pick-up on. As always with a new major release, you will have to re-learn some of the way things work.

Are you so certain that you'll actually lose that much of a member ratio, or even at all? Have you tried asking your members (poll?) if they'd like to have some of the new features you can offer with the new release? Have you tried setting up a demonstration (or beta) web site where you can show-off a possible future feature-set for your members to see and provide feedback on?

Of course, the choice is always up to you. Numerous people here have chosen to remain with Dolphin 6.1 for various projects and reasons, some because they simply cannot upgrade from their heavily modified web site. If you choose to remain with an older version of Dolphin, it will not change the fact that we will continue to try and provide support to you when we can, along with anyone else here.
i think i will setup a test version at the end of the season for my members to try, and let them decide,
The logo is at the bottom - you can easily replace the one at the top in the basic settings. I think you make a good point about the user friendliness from a user's perspective though - there are things I have had a tough time trying to figure out, and I have been using the product for two years. Setting up photo albums and uploading videos comes to mind, setting the avatar, and I can never even remember where the status message is. You definitely should not give your users the whole feature see more set - I think you are right that it is too much for the average user.
i have constant question about everything that has to do with the ray aspects of the web, profil videos, instant mesenger, chatroom, but for my members registracion has been one of the most dificult task,, because el database only acepts laten charetors, no spaces or symbols no ñ or other acuenuated letters 6 out of every 10 persons need help completing register part of the reason is for langues i dont have spanish plugin and when compile langues everything is out of place, word captions do not see more fit in thier boxs.. the oter part is for the people recieve error when triing to register
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