hhmm has anything really changed?

WESWAYS posted 17th of April 2010 in Community Voice. 4 comments.

ok i very rarly get involved with tit for tat and i have been trying hard not to untill recently.


i love dolphin tha script the coding everything behind the idea and have done for many years i know this may seem a little strange but im telling the truth and i really do still believe in it.

but and yes i know you knew there was a but coming somewhere it seems to me that we have not moved on from expertzzz all we have done if changed the layout and the way people are able to scam bitch and  sl@g each other off and to me unity is becoming a major dissappointment.

i stay loyal to boonex dolphin and its community.

i have been ill for a while and im back in the driving seat now some of you guys / girls may not know me so allow me to intreduce my Self

im Wesley aka WESWAYS and i spend alot of my spare time helping users with any problems they may have now i dont charge and normally dont ask for anything in return i have alot of experience within dolphin and the internet in genrale but i am not a developer by no loose meaning of the word.

i was active within expertzzz for a long time and i know and communicate with alot of the developers and run regular installs.

i am not touting for business but i thought as i was going to write a blog i thought only fair to give you all abit about me..



boonex i love the new set up but please stop with the changes.

what is actually being done a site moderation now i know a few key mods and staff are doing there best but come on surly we can improve .

boonexers what is going on the blogs are a great idea but hey come on guys if you want help post it in the forums not the blogs


if you want to advertise a job is a blog the right place i dunno i will rely on a mod to correct me on this.

can everyone be reminded of the rules for the blogs

Please, note...
come on guys you are all doing great but lets stick with the programme.
why are we on dolphin 7 and so soon talking about dolphin 7.0.1 beta this makes no sence sorry i know you are all working hard but how about before we give dolphin 7 new tools lets make sure they work.
i would rather have less tools but stable
i know in development its hard to sort out a stable version for every platform but how about we make it stable for atleast one
forums are yet again riddled with un awnserd quistions and yet again like with expertzzz its mainly users helping users
boonex you have started charging in a way now provide what you charge for no more broken promises no more betas on release if things bread fix them and issue an update people dont mind that what people hate is waiting for a release of a new upgrade to fix there dolphin just to find the new upgrade is riddled with new bugs.
users stop scamming and slagging each other off if you have nothing constructive to say then keep silent
sorry for the moan but hey what else are blogs for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Nathan Paton
I actually thought there was a silent understanding amongst everyone as to this, which was why no one made a blog post such as this until now. To be honest, the new Unity is an overall improvement compared to Expertzzz, but it comes with its own flaws and oddities which made Expertzzz seem like paradise in a dessert.
Okay, we need to clarify something that you seem to be misunderstanding.

Dolphin 7.0.1 Beta is a test of the repairs that have been made to D7.0.0 in a real world envirornment by the very people who utilize Dolphin. It's not a bunch of fancy new stuff, it's simply fixing the current items so they work. Remember those over 200 Trac Tickets that have been closed out? This is a complete Dolphin script with all those repairs in it so you don't have to do the updates 1 by 1 by 1 by 1 by 1 by 1.

I see more agree, we don't need more toys at this moment, but we do need the current items to all work which is what this beta is about.
yes pleaxse dont take me wrong i love the new changes but why have we only half opned the box

i do love the improvments but well to me it seems since the release of D7 the community if going back wards not forwords and we are all responciable for that why people have to post in the blogs to fix small and simple problems i dont know and this may have been the wrong time to say this as i know whats going on in boonex agents home country but this has been going on well before that an im not moaning see more at boonex more sounding out my thoughts and feelings on a few things.
why would i pay to become a premium member when the membership i have no dont seem to achieve much and it seems that people who have money to throw around can scam and buy the appropriete membership this will then allow them to scam who they want

i loved what phpb done some time where only authorised mods where allowed to be sold and used via there website in other words the mod dev would buy the right and the cost would pay someone to check the script and install this would take away alot of the scamming but unfortunatly it wont stop all..

i worked with the company who created socketmail and to be honest that as kinda died a death simply because users abused the support channels and well scams scams scams and the devs was unable to keep up there awnsr they took away all out side contact from its users and said no forrums nothing if you want help you have to buy it and we will help and well that worked and its still a really good script but they kissed good bye to any community that there was because of a silly few i would hate that to happen to Dolphin
yes i understand how the update process works sorry i should of explained better all i mean is i am constantly explaining to people who come to me for help that beta is not final release and to be honest after a few years its starting to get tiresome i think its great that people are kept upto date with dolphin i truly do but wouldent it be a much better idea to say have the most stable version and then a side forum or area for anyone whom opts to be involved with beta version
1 you can trac who see more is helping
2 bugs can be trqacked so much more easier
3 normal none teck users would not get involved and be less in the way and also less confused
4 regular updates could be applied so instead of now calling dolphin 7.0.1 lets just call it 7.0.0 STABLE this i think would help with confusion as i know many people who have moved away from dolphin the last few months because of such a confusion
1 guy was so confused he ended up installed dolphin 7 over the top of his D6 because he dident understand the instructions and he came here for help and received none.

ok yes no offence to that user but to be honest im not a car mechanic and so i wouldent try fixing my own car if it got broke this guy dident have a clue all he wants to do is run a community but with all the confusion in my opinion to be honest its no suprise the guy ended up messing up

im not taking away the fact that alot of people are working hard and thank you but all im saying is there does need to be better changes for this to become more user friendly

maybe a begiiners guide to dolphin lol and yes i know about the superb manual that jatado has created its a great book but come on give me a forum for begginers and people interested in dolphin i will man it atleast 4 hours a day for free to help out how i can and in return clean the site of the scams as there still pout there just wearing a different hat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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