how to add a profile image for a member

noman posted 16th of July 2008 in Community Voice. 3 comments.

Does anyone know how as the admin user, I could add a profile image for a member without knowing their password? Can this be done through the admin panel or the database back-end?

Running Dolphin 6.0.0005  (hoping to schedule an upgrade to 6.1 next month!)

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Yes, you can make it manually,

look at
Table: media
fill here records,
(insert new record and upload picture to profile folder)

to set as thumb, look at
Table: Profiles
PrimPhoto and Picture

PrimPhoto mean ID of `media`
Picture mean - use this as thumb or not :) (1 or 0)

after just clean your cache folder (*.php)

and Done - recheck result
Thanks, AndreyP, that worked like a charm! I noticed in the cache folder there's a file called tiny_mce_4490a91eecf6b6b85d1dc70190ee1a2e.gz - what is that? Is it malicious??
This is just cache file for TinyMCE, don`t worry
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