how to display top photos in photo gallery

noman posted 18th of August 2008 in Community Voice. 2 comments.

Am running 6.0.0005

Right now the photo gallery block displays the latest photos in the photo gallery, but I would like to display the top photos. Ive tried editing this section of code in the PageCompTopPhotosContent function in ~/templates/tmpl_uni/scripts/index.php:

if ( $_GET['Mode_p'] == 'rand' or
$_GET['Mode_p'] == 'last' or
$_GET['Mode_p'] == 'top' )
$mode = $_GET['Mode_p'];
$mode = 'top';

But that change is not being reflected on the site ( Is this the right code to change?

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Look a bit down in your code and you will have a line like this I think
if( $page < 1 or $mode == 'last' )
you have to change this to..
Tried this but still no dice though from the code, it should work. Any other suggestions?
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