If you're a starter, where will you go to post quenstion?

okiewardoyo posted 20th of June 2011 in Community Voice. 3 comments.

I have just sawn http://www.boonex.com/memberships , and there a starter can not post a quenstion?

Starter will be able to post a quenstion in forum if they upgrade their membership at leat 'advance member' by paying $5.

I agree with this becouse many spammer and fraug here. But where will a starter go if they have a quenstion?

IS THERE ANOTHER OPTIONS to make a  starter able to post a quenstion?


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Nathan Paton
I'm not sure how the starter permissions work, but they should be able to search the forums and blogs, which can provide them with a limited amount of support.
Andrew Boon
Starters can read everything except for "Premium Only" notes, can submit sales tickets and manage licenses. Basically, they just can't post any public content, so it prevents spam.

I keep thinking about it though - on one hand it surely sends off some potential involvement, but on the other hand it filters participants to more "serious" crowd. We're yet to understand what is better.

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