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aoppia posted 31st of July 2011 in Community Voice. 5 comments.

Andrew Boon read carefully this article


I agree with google and facebook and BoonEx and must share...

make an example: on facebook people are registered with the real personal information, later was added the possibility to enter USERNAME ,.Dolphin is based on everything (registration, research, info on the modules) of Username, for me is wrong...

"Username" must be eliminated or admin side the choice,

all this must be connected to one of my old note , PRIVACY...

eliminate anonymity, but better systems of privacy.

WHAT DO YOU THINK?                                      


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Nathan Paton
Let me get this straight. You want to remove the possibility of anonymity from Dolphin?
yea , or administrator to choose whether to use USERNAME
Some sites would not exist without anonymity. While it would be nice for admin to decide if site can be used anonymously or with true and certified ID, I do not think it would be sensible to try to technologically ensure certified ID use. Developers here have better things to code. If you want true and open personal information in your site, start a policy that favors that. Fakers will sooner or later get bored and go away.
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