Introducing Leased License, Subscriptions and Hosting!

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Dolphin.Pro is awesome! It’s getting better and better. And still, very often people have troubles with installation, setup, settings, hosting, etc. Some need dedicated support. Some just need a good hosting to start with. Some want to try running a licensed site for while without paying a full license fee.


Dolphin.Pro is very powerful. Its power unfolds more and more when you get to understand how blocks, actions, permission and builders work. And yet, initial friction can be way too much for non-technical users and many drop-out before “getting it".


It’s all going to change. Today!


Included Hosting


First big news is that our licenses and memberships now come with included hosting. In partnership with we’ll be supplying:


- 150GB shared hosting for 3 months with every new Permanent license purchase.
- 150GB shared hosting continuously with every Leased license.
- 150GB shared hosting continuously with every Advanced subscription.
- 640GB/4GB RAM/2core dedicated hosting continuously with every Premium subscription.
- 3TB/4GB RAM/2core dedicated hosting continuously with every Business subscription.


Every hosting comes with installation and combined support from the Zarconia and Boonex teams. 


Leased License

Now there is a choice of Permanent or Leased license. Leased license basically allows you to run a “branding-free” Dolphin.Pro for as long as you keep paying the monthly fee. Sites with leased license will work with Mobile Apps as well. The cost is…
- $39/month for Starters
- $29/month for Advanced
- $19/month for Premium
- $9/month for Business
Every new leased license comes with a 150GB shared hosting.  


Three paid subscription levels are offered. Advanced, Premium and Business. Prices, inclusions and discounts are as follows:
Subscription payments are billed monthly or yearly (2 free months). Payments are processed securely by Stripe. There will be no contract commitment - you can cancel anytime, but there will be no refunds on prepaid periods. 
Dedicated support time and “Extra Service” tickets can be used for installation, server audit, performance assessment, issue evaluation, administration guidance, anti-spam tools assistance, upgrades and transfers. It does not include custom modifications and support of 3rd-party extensions. 
Current Advanced and Premium members will maintain their membership statuses and will receive additional Leased License (without included hosting). Unless subscribed for periodic payment they will not receive guaranteed dedicated support and included hosting, but will still have the same discounts on additional purchases. Hope you understand that hosting and dedicated support comes with significant ongoing cost for us, so we can’t include it into permanently Advanced and Premium accounts. We will however continue providing general support with priority to Premium members.
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