invalid app and chat problems

linksys7 posted 27th of March 2008 in Community Voice. 2 comments.
Ive been trying to get the ray media server running and can't seem to connect to it exterally meaning from the internet. Im installed on a server which uses a networked IP and goes through a router, all firewalls have had the ports 1935 & 1936 maped so to be able to connect through it. I have it setup and it can connect from in the network with the network IP but when I try to connect from the external IP i can connect to the media server but I get

first response:

second response:

I tryed changing my IP to the external and running in the router in DMZ but I still cant connect, I have my apache webserver setup and other various servers setup and running with no problems being able to connect from the outside, but not ray media server. And if i try to set in the ray base to connect to boonex media server, it wont connect at all either.My members can connect to my website login and do all the other things but if they try to connect to the chat, they get nothing..but on my end which is internal on the network , i have no problem at all with the chat.

any help would be greatly appreciated.
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If you are able to connect to it from inside your network, then the problem is with the network configuration, and that is a bit way out of scope to try and debug on a blog.

To me it seems that something is filtering the request, and depending on the version of RMS, you will need more then just the 2 above ports open.

yeah i know, Ive also posted this over at expertzzz forums, and i have gotten no reply, I have tryed without my firewall on both server and the router , still the same thing. I do have on the firewalls additional ports open but just didnt mention them here because i figured they would be irrelavent. like port 5080,8088,..ect. but thanx for atleast replying.
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