iPhone App and Android App for Dolphin Update - v1.5 Released!

Andrew Boon posted 1st of November 2011 in Dolphin.pro News. 11 comments.

BoonEx Mobile Apps for Dolphin are the most advanced and expandable mobile community software platforms in the world. We treat mobile devices as an inevitable evolution of computers in general and native apps are currently the best way to reach mobile users. 


BoonEx iPhone and Andoid app are not just native applications though. Both now have an incresingly powerful support of 3-rd party modules and we're happy to see some developers already offering mobile modules for them. We are at the door of the new realm and BoonEx Mobile apps help you to be ready for the upcoming changes.


Remember, that when you have Prime license you also get a Mobile License that allows you to rebrand, modify both apps and submit them to app stores as your own. 


Today, we're releasing important updates, improving the apps and making it easier for external developers to add new features. 


Changes in Mobile Apps v.1.5


iPhone/iPod app changes:

- iOS5 support

- Splash/loading screen

- 3rd-party icon was not always clickable

- Action button in top right corner could disappear sometimes after changing to progress indicator

- Problems with images uploading

- Search near me didn't stop current location updating properly


Android app changes:

- Non-latin character was not displayed in message view

- Don't show keyboard by default during logging in to the site

- Don't allow to delete site for rebranded apps

- Show "Login" (instead of empty space) near site name for rebranded apps upon first run

- Optimized loading of long list of friends, messages, photos, videos and sounds. 

- Unread letters number was not showing on "Messages" page

- Friend requests number was not showing on "Friend" page

- Hi-res graphics was added for xhdpi(extra high densities) screens


Common changes:

- New app icon

- Background as image

- Improved stability

- Language corrections 

- More links are now supported for 3rd-party modules




Both apps are still quite young and surely miss many features of the desktop version of Dolphin sites, but a lot is already there, a lot more is coming and it won't be long before they become a full-blown susbtitute to many full-size sites. 

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Andrew Boon
Once they pick up some more browsing market share - yes. Perhaps in Nokia suits. We're watching them.
I have been rebranding ever since V 1.3. Its nice too see that bug are removed but it has cost me a fortune. Well. Its still well worth upgrading as it is an investment in my users!
Have you added the ability to join throughout the app yet?
Andrew Boon
Not yet. That one is tricky, but it will be added soon.
What about events? Would be nice to have those available through the apps too.
Andrew Boon
http://www.boonex.com/m/ultimate-events-locations-v3-with-mobile-integr - this looks promising. Also, we hope for more to emerge.
Have they been developed natively or using something like PhoneGap or Appcelerator Titanium Mobile? The later would have the advantage of maintaining a single code base for all major mobile phone platforms....
Both apps are native. But 3rd-party applications are web-based and the same code is used for both apps without any changes.
hi can anyone install mobile sites for me, i have license bought already
this guy can help you .... he is great with the apps ... doing one for us right now .. .fast and professional ... http://www.boonex.com/TatsFinder tell him Scott referred you
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