just realizing people singing up with fake emails.shit

coolnaija posted 14th of July 2011 in Community Voice. 12 comments.

just get to know that boonex dont have the capacity to dictate fake email/invalid mails,this is real blow when i get to know,please bonnex should try fix this mess,this will help site owners like me.please please

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Nathan Paton
I recall someone here integrating some kind of phone verification service. You enter your telephone number (that clunky thing with the rotary dial) and an automated call is made that includes a confirmation code. I've seen this kind of system used elsewhere, and it definitely cuts down on spam.

I think some kind of email blacklist feature would also help, though, but it wouldn't be as cool.
where can i get the telephone number confirmation
You can turn on the ability for members to validate their emails before they can become 'active' at your site.

Also, why don't you remove that last word (right after emails.) in the title of your Note/Blog. Thanks!
then add...
refer 5 members to get active :)
can i see your site to see how it works
its just an idea...
Not implemented as of now :)
can i see you site
this is mine www.campuscounty.com
I have already suggested an e-mail checking service that allows dolphin to check for known spam -emails on joining, and allow for updating of this database. If someone were to develop this they could make a great deal of money by selling it as a service.

I believe deno is looking into somthing along these lines
where do u get it,i will like to get one
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