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csampson1 posted 12th of April 2012 in Community Voice. 4 comments.

One of the best features IMHO about dolphin is it's ability to have 1,000's of landing pages via the multitude of mods that are available. The seo is working perfectly by the way.  The only problem is if a person arrives through a page that is indexed by Google and shows some interest in becoming a member, if they try to join they will be redirected to whatever page I decide to put them on.  If I am on an Iphone or an Ipad this can be very frustrating and really pointless to the end user.  I don't understand why the end user must be redirected?  If they arrive on the landing page they came in on they should be able to join and stay on same page either by their social media account and or by just plain joining and then stay on the very landing page they came in on not on a page I THINK they should go.

Also the comment section by Facebook on my site allows for a person to login to the comment section and post remarks on any page I have their code on.  I have often wondered why the comments section for dolphin is not setup in the same way with the ability for a person who lands on a page and wants to comment on it they should be able to use their social media login and then post a comment.  The login should be in the top left hand corner of the comment block and  I now also have a program which will then post said comments to their social media accounts as well this is very powerful. 

The current situation doesn't even show the possibility of the ability to comment without being a member and again if they join they will be redirected away from the very page they landed on and wonder on a mobile device what the heck just happened.  If I am on a mobile device I want to quickly register via information I have already provided make my comments and then move on to other pages.  The way this is setup now assumes a great deal:

  1. A person will be able to navigate back to said page
  2. A person will go through a joining process simply to make a comment
  3. A person will want to or need to add an avatar during the process and if on a mobile device even have the ability to upload said avatar. 
  4. A person knows there is a mobile ap even though they came in from one landing page.  

IOW there are so many opportunities to capture a possible member and the joining process is so convoluted and confusing after the process it is almost like punishing the person after they join.  Ha Ha I have you now you just joined and here is where I want you to go.  Instead of leaving them on the page they came in on and then allowing them to navigate at will after they can do simply what they came to do which is to read or see a landing page and if I get lucky enough want to quickly join and comment on it... This FORCED redirect is not something that most people want or should have to try to understand...


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I think a lightbox with a join form can be created. So anyone who wants to join doesn't need to redirect. Its just an idea
Sounds very interesting... I will do some research on that...
This is a very interesting point, This bugs me often when I visit a site, see something I'm willing to join in order to reply to or interact with, I join, and then spend 4 times longer than it took to join, Just trying to find the post/page/thing that inspired me to join in the first place.

Essentially one could do what most sites do, capture the referrer of the person being sent to the join form, store it, and if it's ON-SITE we send them back to that page once joined and logged in. But if it's see more off-site, we ignore it and send them to the dashboard.

Most users who have a bit of browsing savvy, will right click join, open in new tab/window, and when finished, simply refresh their original tab, but this doesn't always work on all sites, and isn't an intuitive solution that everyone "Should just be expected to know".
humm!!! another idea...:) We can set a cookie to users who first visit any page of the site and then redirect them when they login or join.. I just give ideas
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