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houstonlively posted 30th of August 2012 in Community Voice. 6 comments.

It's a thumbnail that doesn't use stw.


Yes, it's a real thumbnail.  Just inspect the image with Firebug and see for yourself.  One line of code to generate a thumbnail..... imagine that.

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Bitpixels.com is awesome!
Here are some other ones you might consider for other purposes involving image resizing with one line of code:
Nathan Paton
I'd recommend a method like this, but since BoonEx JUST reworked the whole STW schnitzel, it would feel like bad timing...
Andrew Boon
Yeah, we considered that one, but unfortunately their thumbnails are WAY outdated. STW isn't super-fresh either, but still years ahead, literally.

At some point we'll add a few configurable options. FOr now - this may make a good idea for a simple plugin for Market.
just noticed Cloudinary can generate thumbnails from YouTube videos, described here:
Very cool
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