make and extra colum in dolphin?

houseperu posted 28th of March 2008 in Community Voice. 5 comments.
hi everybody, did you know how to make and extra colum in dolphin. y try to buy a plugin  but i dont have a paypal account, what i could do
please help me
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Try going to and setup and account. I'm sure it can be done.
i didt but, but i couldnt because they tell me that i have to put my paypal code tu take enable my acount but they never send me that code, i try that many times they only discount us$ 1.95 per time
i dont know how to use
Sorry I don't have an answer for you.
get yourself a PAYPAL or CREDIT CARD or BANK CARD and then OPEN a PAYPAL ACCOUNT and youll have it :)
paypal have made a diposit into your bank account, 2 infact, you need to tell paypal the amount of them, and the paypal code is the transaction message, you need to call your bank to ask for that and tell paypal what that word was, it might also be in all caps too.
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