Dolphin 7.1 (Osho) Membership Levels need enhancing

Profesize posted 22nd of July 2012 in Community Voice. 2 comments.

The membership levels do need some enhancement. I made a suggestion a while back saying that it needed some sort of refinement while simplifying the view of all the check-boxes because, as it stands right now, the list is too long making it difficult to find a specific permission.

Maybe you could group the permissions by module or function to also make it easier to read and to quickly find the permission you are looking to change.

For example, within the group "Communications", you may have the subgroups

Simple Messenger

etc etc,....making it easier to find what you need to change.

Other services also need to be added which will only make the list longer, further supporting the grouping idea. Then you could even have radio buttons or check boxes depending on the permissions of course to further refine your permission levels.

For example, within the subgroup Emails there could be a radio button selection of "Read", "Write", "Send" and "Receive".

As is stands now, there is no way of stopping a particular level of membership from reading an email while allowing another level to read emails.

This is a major requirement for sites that offer their members an upgraded service for a membership fee, where only paying members can send and also read emails and those that haven't upgraded only get a notification that they have received an email but can only read it once they HAVE upgraded.

There is no way to do this right now and non-paying members can receive and read emails with the sender's private email address in it thus rendering the need to upgrade unnecessary.

Dolphin is a great script and it continues to become better and greater with time but it does both in the front end and back end seem to be rather over-complicated and needs to be visually simplified making it easier to work with in order to match the further needs of Unity members as well as the members of these Unity members' sites.

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Excellent suggestion, not only is the present system boring (read 'a long and tiring layout') Grouping the relevant sections hopefully will make the system easier to understand.
good point! would love to see this!
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