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csampson1 posted 3rd of March 2012 in Community Voice. 2 comments.

One of the most important aspects of getting and keeping business is the ability to support your module(s).  There is nothing more upsetting than to buy a mod that doesn't work.  Except when you try to get the mod developer's attention about the fact that their is an issue and you can't.  Even better is to have the developer tell you yes that looks bad... HA HA but do nothing about it in a timely manner. I gave this developer another chance after years of disappointment because DOLPHIN seems to allow his sporadic behavior.  If you sell it, you must support it.  If you don't in IMHO you need to not be allowed to sell your mods in the market place.  I think maybe a suspension until solved is a great idea indeed and I think  have seen that done.  However, there is a developer that seems to not be held by this standard.  I just can't understand how the "BRAND" Dolphin would allow such a black eye to said brand.  If the brand Dolphin allows a developer to over the period of years not support the mods they sell, it gives the impression that you just allow it to go on.  In a recent post a moderator said I look out for the market and the products in it.  Hmmm, if a vendor doesn't support the mod he sells to me that is worse than having a mod by interpretation, "It does not belong here."  IMHO they both by rule do not belong here.  Please give the consumer the assurance that when something is bought it will be supported as well as protected.  Allow apathy for the very rule you have and it doesn't take long for your brand to suffer...         

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Nathan Paton
If a developer's causing problems, report them to a moderator or open a dispute. In the past, some developers have been sent to the moon via disputes and reports. But it's complicated. I admit, there are some developers here who should be shipped-off, but as long as they respond to reports and disputes (or at least pretend to), there's little that can be done about it. It's a matter of waiting until the final straw breaks, or they screw up enough to warrant action.
It seems to me that if a developer is no longer supporting his mod, than the code should be published here and open sourced. Otherwise, in a way, he is holding you hostage.
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