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wolf2217 posted 16th of May 2011 in Community Voice. 7 comments.

Yeah, here's a couple more Boonex wallpapers i just completed.

I was originaly going to make this for "Dolphin how-to" videos but than i thought it would look better used as a wallpaper.


Created in: Adobe Photoshop

Resolution: 1366 X 768

Screenshots: Below

Download: Click here to download from

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Yeah... and I would want a Boonex wallpaper because.....
Nobody's saying you would want one, it's there for anyone who does
It looks good and a lot of work obviously went in to it. I think if you were to offer to make something similar with the clients website logo incorporated... (in my case you would need to redo my logo big time :-) )
Of course, you wouldn't want that up as a logo.
I could always remove it, resize the background and use it as a banner with other items on top showing available features for your users.
unable to download ur previous link, can u repost those graphic links here?
The link above the pics works, i just tried it
no i am talking about your previous post. U did post some links months ago.
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