ok BUG report

sammie posted 27th of July 2008 in Community Voice. 3 comments.

why am i seeing dolphin footers on my site when i am not logged in, and they are gone when i am logged in?

i thought this issues was fixed in 6.1.2

i paid $40 for ad free dolphin and i am also a paid up contributor.

the footer are not showing when i am logged in the site,(i am always logged on so never noticed this bug before now) when i log out,. the footer appear. this is not what i paid for.

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and pray tell why a bug report gets a thumbs down numbnuts?
not even man enough to put a name to it i see
thumbup for sammie , some people have nothing to do but put thumb down , losers
Ive had that happen a couple times now, the footers just appear when they want to , and after awhile they will go away...
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