ok who broke the forums?

sammie posted 23rd of October 2008 in Community Voice. 4 comments.

Ok yesterday the crap fonts came back.

screen shot here


today someone was messing with the forums css again and broke the forums

missing parts on forum list


menu and forum list pushed up


forum spy missing about 10 posts


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About fonts, after cleaning cache still looks bad?
About forum posts, need post 10 normal posts that bad post in footer will disappear and forum will fixed
yea no change in the fonts, they still look bad.
ok i had an old screen shot of a forum post taken 2 months ago, i have gone back to that post and taken another screen shot just now.


then i merged the old one, top part, and the new one, bottom part.

here you can clearly see the fonts have changed,
in the top (2 months ago) they are crisp.

in the bottom, they are not, and the spacing has changed too.
Hello, necessary of a help in the installation of the Dolphin, 6,1:

1 - I installed the database
2 - I sent the files for the servant
3 - use the php 5

if someone will be able to me help and help to do to function I thank
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