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tomakali posted 1st of November 2011 in Community Voice. 1 comment.

Simplicity Wins!!!


I just happened to preview a project which is pretty much in alpha like D8.

the moment i saw it, i liked it...

the reason is "simplicity"

now, when i compare that project with D7. D7 has too much features making me[as webmaster] too complex.

if Dx is all about social network, then it should be 100% about user-user engagements.

I invite webmasters to preview

and provide your valuable ideas[which are always set to invalid in trac] to make 

D8 - a simplest, lightest, most engaging, innovative[not derivative], better cms than rest-of-the others.

also theres another project which interests me

there should be much learnings from other project to make D8 better.

and im not promoting any other products here, just bitten by the "simplicity" of other related products liked to share.

Webmasters can comment/share your views/interest on simplicity or anyother.

No harm intended to developers, the post is to get an idea from fellow webmasters.

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simplicity is a great concept. Congratulations to have it in your head !
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