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chuckomino posted 16th of March 2010 in Community Voice. 11 comments.

Hi Boonexer! Yesterday I had an idea. Boonex is so friendly and social, so why shouldn´t it be between Boonex Community sites, which are e.g. synergetic? I thought about a partnership login between boonex sites, which are handled in the administration area domainwide and timesensitve due to e.g. age registration limitation. What do you think about this idea. I mean of course I must be compatible for 6.x and 7.x.... only Nickname and email Adress for the first visit, and with a push of a button by me as e.g. member, e.g. the import functionality from my profile and maybe wall and files? (compatibility and traffic, hmm) And friendinvitations I choose for the new site... And for the frustrated members, who can make a pack and go with their wall and data with a push of a button from domain 1 to domain 2... hmm I´m also thinking about syncronizing in the background, if a member from domain 1 is also becoming a member from domain 2... and so on... Boonex rules, I love them! I love the dolphin :) What do you think about this idea?



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That's an excellent idea and in fact something I've had on the drawing board on a general level for some time now; so far cross-site logins, visitor accounts and cross-site content search and integration have seen very little practical application, but I believe they are an integral part of the interconnected nature of the emerging cyberspace, both within software platforms and cross-platform.
thx CodeSatori and for your comment, cross site content search sounds also damn good, that opens my mind, I will think about it :) I also had the idea last week of chancing the color of all links sidewide with the push of a button or triggered through service loads from the server depending on the daemons/cpu/what else, due to maintaince preparation, virus warnings, heavy loads or shuting down, or restarting services with green-yellow-red colors and than changing them back to the css template colors, see more if the services are active again, up and running...
Yes, open your mind to every possibility; you can only produce within the limits of your imagination. Technology is adaptable, and you alone define the limits of its usage. New concepts need to emerge, and when the concepts emerge, the solutions will follow.

One of my master plans is creating a universal standard platform for every flavor of data put into a symmetric structure, tied with diverse integration layers that help pool it all together. Cross-site membership and search functionaltiy, see more tied with controlled content integration, is a natural first step toward that goal and a boost for the emerging Web 3.0 that should have been here yesterday on a large scale. It's only a question of whether we have the concept and the will; the technology is already there, and has been for years.
Wow your masterplan sounds also very interesting for me! Cross site membership, as you also said, is really the most interesting topic for me at the moment. Let us design the backend and frontend for this topic... Code Statori are you with me? Lets make a taskforce, I think BoonEx has quite much work with their 7.0.1 and 7.1 release...
You want our sites to be like Ning? That is what most of us came here to avoid. Rather than a centralized system run by Boonex, I do like the idea of some interoperability between domains, but that should be handled by the site admins, on sites that they own. There are threads on the forums that discuss how this could be done.
I will have a look at the threads, because the idea sounds very interesting for me and is getting more and more important for our plans... thx for your comment Caltrade!
Caltrade; It should of course be at the discretion of the webmaster, and customizable within the parameters of a shared layer of integration. We don't want clones; we want individuality in a symmetric web of unity.
I know of one social networking platform that is based on these concepts.... so far it's a flop.
houstonlively thx for your comment. Can you give me the url from the site, which is based on my idea? I mean its very important and interesting for me, because I think its the future, and I do not want to make the same flop. Would be nice :)
Increased networking and cross-integration of information are visions of the future, and are at the root of what gives internet the power it has. Let's not let the fact of bad implementations cast a shadow on it. As long as it doesn't restrict and constrain the freedom of webmasters to do as they please with their sites, I see no reason to think of the concept itself as inherently flawed.
To clarify for those booing the centralized concept; think Web 2.0/3.0 P2P integration to get a better picture of what I/we're on about. Decentralized data networked through generic integration layers into web-hubs, islands of cross-connected independent websites.
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