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medfly posted 19th of July 2012 in Community Voice. 5 comments.

It would be nice if the url link on the photo page did not link back to the page and the photo only. When you upload a photo and you want to use it in a forum post you can't, you get the whole page.

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Nathan Paton
There's a button on the side of the photo to get the full-size image, which is basically a direct URL. Give that a try.
Are you serious, I feel so stupid, why isn't this stuff published somewhere? Any other unknown resources?
How about just right clicking on the image to get the url
The problem is, what little users I have, are not as computer savy as you or I and some functions on the dolphin platform are a little confusing for some. Like embedding a video, even though there is an example just below the upload field everyone always copies the embed code and not the url. I'll shut up now. Thanks for reply
Also whilst we talk on pictures - would be great when browing through pictrues anbd you select a picture to view that you can go back to place you were at instead of started from start of list again this is annoying and stops the browsing expreince . same for vids etc why does it default back t ostart after you view
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