phpBB integration not working after domain change?

Alternagay posted 28th of February 2008 in Community Voice. 2 comments.
Ok, so I had to change my domain. I've got the site setup & almost everything works, with the exception of the multi-chat module (won't connect) and now the phpBB2 integration isn't working. It keeps trying to call the phpBB2 dir from the old domain & I'm not sure what I need to change?

I'm using the aemodule and it was working beautifully but dice.

Anyone know how to fix this?
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rays a wild beast that has be be tamed live, its beyond the scope of this simple text.

goto phpbb_config in DB(database)
1st page has some name changes for ya
3rd page has:
server_name which will point it
all scripts check for a or
not anywhere to be found?? look in the DB
Can you explain in a new Blog how to setup PHPBB ?
please and explain how to do it
STEP by STEP I think Ive had major problems installing it.

Also can it be possiable to change the folder name to forums instead having the orca showing in the url ?
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