problem in Polls

Stellman2003 posted 1st of June 2008 in Community Voice. 8 comments.

somebody this tends problems in Polls? somebody this tends problems in Polls? somebody this tends problems in Polls?


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Describe your problems :)
seems nobody have troubles
i got a problem with polls. When i create a poll as a user, the poll is published on the homepage. But when im going back thru main menu to all polls, i cant see my just created poll even when im loggin in as another user, the poll is not there.
Any ideas why?
Thats because the polls on the main menu are (admin polls) the ones that are created in the admin panel, user polls are displayed on homepage and profile page.
When I hit the ALL POLLS button I always get the message: "No polls available" even though i do have a test poll up. Any ideas?
In polls.php the Admin polls are displayed only. Your polls will be in your profile and at index page in polls section
Hi Andrey!
hmm can we change that in any way? Cause when someone is clicking on polls, they should be ablte to see ALL polls. For me as admin, im not the man for polls, so they should do it.
Would be nice if the site displays the user polls.
Any code which i can change?
Possible, but this is not urgent now :)
Maybe not for you ;) But it would be a nice feature for the members, they would spend more time on your site. Just on doing some polls.
Ok, then i have to wait for a mod or someone who would give me the code to realize it. :)
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