profile comments for non-members

Robin posted 1st of June 2008 in Community Voice. 5 comments.

Hey guys,


vs. Dolphin 6.1.1


It seems non-members can post commest on my site..

I can't seem to find the option to disable non-member   from posting commenst.

where can i go to disable this?



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I'm searching for an answer to this as well. Please help someone :)
Disable free mode option (admin panel->settings->membership level section) and delete comments actions from non-member level.
Thnks, was very usefull
1) guest visitor and 2) in-active members: both categories should have a read/view only privilege and whenever they try to make a comments, join a group, send a msg to another member, access the chat etc ... they should get a message requesting from them to log in, sign up, or wait until their membership gets approved.
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