Trident a10

Andrew Boon posted 15th of January 2015 in News. 6 comments.

Our new platform, now called Trident, is getting very very close to beta release. We anticipate perhaps one more alpha before it happens. In this update we're bringing quite a few improvements as well as general renaming from Dolphin to Trident.


Here's what is new about Trident a10:


- renaming to Trident
- permissions table in host tools in Studio Dashboard
- enhancements in Invitation module
- enhancements in Timeline module
- enhancements in Comments
- design corrections and improvements
- popular hashtags cloud (in Posts module)
- hashtags support in Persons and Organizations modules
- improvements in “Voting” system
- improvements in “Share” system
- new responsive gallery layout for Posts
- custom images sizes support in Images Transcoder
- retina display support for uploaded logo
- Accounts manager module
- new layout for comments notifications
- new LESS compiler
- page width is now a setting in template settings 
- profiles and accounts deletion with content features added.


We have already started testing Trident on a couple of sites and a lot of new functionality has to do with content/profiles management. It astounding how spammers got on to the new sites in a matter of hours. Oh, well... we welcome free guinea pigs. 


Links and Plugs

Plug 1: This is Alpha. Not feature-final. Not tested. Not to be used on production sites.

Plug 2: Already installed sites should be updated automatically.


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Nathan Paton
Awesome! I'll try this out in a few hours.
nice many more alpha u guys plan to launch..
Okay this is a good update let me check..:)
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