tweaking mod_fcgid for Dolphin

Truehookups posted 3rd of August 2008 in Community Voice. 4 comments.

I have a dedicated server. Full Root control.  Has anyone have any experience with  FastCGI mod for cpanel? Maybe some tweaks that will work with dolphin??

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I installed fastCGI and Dolphin stopped working so had to uninstall it not that I know much about it. but would also be interested in hearing from anyone who does.
Would also like to know how to run dolphin with suPHP turned on. Need examples of php.ini files I need to add. How to get 777 files to work 666 files etc. Any Help would be nice
To ensure Dolphin will work with SuPhp you need to remove all php commands from .htaccess (otherwise you will get a Server 500 error). You can put them in a php.ini file which should be placed in the root of your dolphin installation. As for installing Dolphin, just proceed as normal.
Do you have 7000 users or something?
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