what happened with boonex

houseperu posted 10th of December 2008 in Community Voice. 10 comments.

I was suffering on my site when suddenly the footer with the links of boonex appear. that was estrange because i paid the license, immediately i try to go to boonex.com trying to find a solution and i Noticed that the www.boonex.com site was down.


Now boonex is OK in the footers of my site disappear, I have one Question what could happen i boonex for some reason disappear   or maybe have problems with his data base, the footer of our site will appear

sorry for my english 



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I noticed that they were down also for a few hours. Also expertzzz,they must share same server. But my website never went down,which is a good thing. All is fine now except expertzzz is still down.
my site was ok but the footer that contain the links of boonex
Try to login to your admin panel again. Footers will gone
this is not the first time it has happened as I noticed this phenomenon a couple of months ago too. Is there a way of actually permanently removing footers as that is the point for paid licensees?
footers can appear only in case if your site lost connection with boonex site during checking
I see 3 blog entrees that seem to be malicious, since boonex and expertzzz has been having issues last few days. What is up with the random letters swapnilcareer? Can someone please shed some light on this? I hope we are not going to have to deal with bad folks that want to shut Boonex down. I would have started a new post,but i don't seem to be receiving the areas for categories and tags so it wont let me post..grr
that is the problem
imagin for some reason our webs lost connection with boonex
what could happen
maybe server was down for a couple of minutes (or hours) and if you opened your site just in this time - and during connection to boonex server it got nothing - links appears. It happens - not often - but server is server :)
This is upsetting. Not going to have a cow over it, but seems the reason we pay for the licence and ad removal is so our customized sites don't scream "short-cut" at our users. My whole site isn't Dolphin. I've worked hard to make it fit the look and feel of my original design, but having flipper suddenly pop up on the dolphin pages just ruins the effect.

Isn't there a way to maintain the last known good state of licencing when the Boonex connections are lost?

(just realised see more this is someone's blog, not a place to rant to Boonex. Sorry houseperu! But your topic got me going)
for me Boonex is the best
I love it
my intention is to show something that could be a problem.
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