where should new people start ?

mchauhan posted 20th of August 2010 in Community Voice. 5 comments.


i am trying to learn php for few months now. still i can only inderstand very basic stuff. I MEAN VER VERY BASIC.


i was just wondering how did other developers here learn php ? did they go to college or some institute to learn it ?? or may be online ?? or even their personal experience over years ??

PHP GURUS could you please share your thoughts about this ?? people who are new to php, where should they start to learn .. whats your opinion and suggestiong ??

books ?? internet ??

are there any good php generator that can help creating basic php script to better understand how it works ???

lokking forward to your answers.






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Nathan Paton

W3Schools is always a good play to start. I also recommend some of the O'Reilly books on the subject.
Im in the same boat as you. However, Ive been following the Forums heavily and have had some great help (even posting the most NEWB questions to be asked) !
you seem to have learn quite a lot
Download the PHP manual in the one-file CHM help file here: http://www.php.net/download-docs.php ... and refer to it always and often. If you want to get a grip on PHP, this is your best friend now and long into the future. Don't forget to read the many helpful comments in the online manual when you're trying to understand a particular function.

I have come to where I am now with PHP by reading a couple of random tutorials a very long time ago, and then going forth with my experiments. I personally see more dig DevShed for a forum with helpful and knowledgeable people, but just pick the arena where you fit in, and learn with the professionals. (And help others where you can.)

The main thing you need to wrap your head around is the general logic of programming; before you code, think through what you intend to accomplish, and think through the aspects and routines of your code that will handle it. Don't become a copy-paste coder, try to understand why and how things are done, so you can adapt and improvise.
ya i have been trying this for a long time now...
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