where to add web/stat counter

noman posted 14th of April 2008 in Community Voice. 2 comments.
Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows which page I could add my invisible web counter's code to in order to have the invisible counter "count" all the pages within my dolphin site? I'd like to have it work akin to the meta tags where they are generated on pages as a user visits/loads them.  Thank you!

Dolphin v. 6.0.x.5
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i think the best way is to add your code in the footer section (i think it's the footer.html file inside the template folder you are using but i ain't that sure!)
This way it automatically "appears" on all pages of the Dolphin Community Script giving you a better overall view of PageHits and Viewers.
That worked perfectly and was exactly what I was looking for! Thanks, ydrargyros.
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