Who would like to join a unity of filipino websites?

Diddy posted 26th of October 2011 in Community Voice. 5 comments.

Hi there,

I want to to put my ieads into reality and as a unity it will work much better.

Its actually a simple task and easy to handle.

I would like to combine all Dolphin sites about the Philippines, no matter if dating, cultural or whatever into a unity. We will surely generate traffic for all of us! Lets do it together.

Lets brain storm a bit together. A footer with all our sites as a starter :-)

I have filipina-dating-community.com and filipinaweb.net. I wouldn't mind to host and manage a directory as well.

FilipinaWeb.net is a part of our FilipinaWeb-Foundation for which we start next year with a halfway house in Manila to help women with kids in need. Its a non-profit organisation.

So folks of BoonEx Unity, can we get something together here or not? :-)



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Andrew Boon
It might be a good idea to pitch those with Philippines-sites directly. Only a fraction of web masters regularly visit BoonEx, unless they're directly contacted.
Thank you Andrew I will do that :-)
Have a wonderful and smooth time!
With experience in Yacht building (Cozumel, Playa Del Carmen) and experience in coding web sites that don't always work out as intended I understand where you are coming from... and besides I like filipina girls.

If you want links to your web sites (as long as they are working) let me know - no cost, no need to link back. My web sites are NOT related to matters such as yours however I do like to include stuff that "hits me" - and I have big traffic!

Might work - Might not - are we see more wrong for trying?

I know the hours we spend on this stuff is way out of proportion to what we actually earn from it, but then maybe the motto "Who Dares Wins" is still relevant.... no harm in trying ehh ?
I may be interested in this project if you are still looking.
Hi, count me in. My website is www.singapinoy.com. I am very passionate to help Filipino people. I know that we can only be successful if we unite.
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