bambie posted 18th of March 2008 in Community Voice. 3 comments.
Why don't you fix the errors, instead of brining out lots of patch work, i would like to add that some times cause more errors then there was before.

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Which errors? Please announce your own list.
1) Vbull Mod - Can't intergrate but its a feature and mod is in the files.

2) Themes - I have had to do changes because orig themes fo not line up uni theme looks diffrent in every browser.

3) RMS Server - You say you have a free RMS Server but 98% never works people see some one else not me when i am on cam and also turns its self off when it wants to and don't let me put cam on at times.

I see new version coming out soon hope it sorts most issues out, not holding me hopes up for vbull see more to be sorted been asking for over a year and all that happens is it gets ignored.
Also the last patch for Combo dolphin stoped profile music, and stoped access to forums. So i just relaced the old files back.
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