Not Cool

Steviboy posted 3rd of November 2008 in Community Voice. 4 comments.

Arbitrarily deleting my post when I carefully checked the rules is not cool. I did not advertise, link or do anything other than offer an opinion.

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I saw what happened.

What's uncool is why are all the other posts that clearly break the rules still around!?

The problem here is that Boonex is not being consistent.

You have other blog posts that totally break the rules likes these ones

All see more those links break the rules yet the one that the Boonex moderator decides to delete is the one that gives kudos to jtadeo.

I smell bullshit.
melia thanks for the message this mornng and Steviboy for the kudos.

Anyone for some coffee today? lol!

Who, what , and were ?

What post was deleted ?

You can see an index preview of the post in my profile photos,

thanks Melia
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