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On BoonEx do not know if you have never spoken of this, but  the web 3.0 and social networks have a lot of attention on this issue, the Dolphin social network that we create must be able to create applications for users. like https://developers.facebook.com/apps


BoonEx team, what you say about that?                                                                                                                                                                                                    

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Stai suggerendo a Boonex di creare un sistema di API per Dolphin ? =)
Are you suggesting to Boonex to create an API system for Dolphin ? =)
si , un sistema che permetta gli utenti di creare applicazioni per il sito
yes ,a system that allows users to create applications for the site
Yes Yes YEs !! :) this is important for users!
Andrew Boon
This is a part of bigger questions and bigger change. We are working on it right now on "higher" level and will be providing more details soon. Apps for users should be based on top of very flexible support of apps for webmaster.
Hopefully we find an answer in D7.1 so that D8 will be a great product...

Try this -> https://github.com/keyle/json-anything
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