**** _FieldValues_ in Profiles - Solution found ***

Enter a new Key in the LocalizationKeys table of your dolphin MySQL database. First see, what's the highest ID in this table by sorting and the append the next ID... For the Field IDCategory set the value 32 and for Key the value _FieldValues_

Save this new entry and open your LocalizationStrings table. Add a new entry with the IDKey you selected in the LocalizationKeys table as ID. Enter the IDLanguage of your selected language and for String see more set the value your want to be displayed on your site (for example no answer). Save this new entry and the change to your dolphin admin panel.

Go to Settings -> Language Settings and compile the language(s) you added the new String for.

Sorry for my english. I hope my How-To helps... ;-)

Greetings from Germany

chris from
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