Hi There,

Thanks Victor, I know your busy. And ill pm you from now on. Dint know many other ppl did that too.

Ok, your help is appreciated ofcourse, and the fact that ive posted this at so many places shows how urgently i wanted this !

Anyways, your solution has certainly solved the problem of Ray Admin Link. Its opening now !

BUT the music widget and the video widget arnt working. Whenver I go to upload in both the cases for both the widgets it tells me LOADING ... But then it says all see more of a sudden - undefined !

The pmusic widget also KEEPS ON LOADING AND LOADING !! but it does not give an error !

I think these 3 widgets arnt wokring bcs of ffmpeg.I noticed something and went through the forums during your absence and i found out that ffmeg must be executable. My host does not allow that !! AND IT IS A MUST !

Now, I need to know if IT IS POSSIBLE to put the ffmpeg on a different server and KEEP ALL THE OTHER FILES ON ANOTHER SERVER !!! ALL OTHER FILES ARE ALL FILES EXCEPT FOR FFMPEG.

In short: would it be possible to separate the ffmpeg and put it on another server and link it up through ?

Pls help
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