I never asked Boonex to check all hosts out !! Sammie ive been like you defending Boonex and I STILL DO AND WILL CONTINUE TO DO !! But not today ! Today is an exception.

Look Ill explain. YOu need Dedicated or VPS for RMS. You need dedicated for streaming, desktop such stuff. YOU DO NOT NEED RMS for video or music widgets do you ?

The reason they mention Dedicated or VPS is for root access ? ROOT ACCESS FOR WHAT ?? TO INSTALL RMS !!! RMS has nothing to do with music and video widgets. These see more widgets need ffmpeg.exe and ffmpeg does not need RMS.

Im only pissed off bcs Boonex did not mention that anywhere !! I hope you understand my point.

And I am still a Boonex supporter .. mind u ? But sometimes, you need to adopt a differnet way to get a job done, i had 4 days before my site launched.

Anyways, thanks for making me realize that - i was certainly going a bit far ... but understand ! =D

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