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Oh, so true, those are the three sites I head to for tutorials and such. I'm just talking about trying to get this place more helpful, most new folks won't have discovered the other resources yet.

I just spent some time at expertzz and it's so loaded with flamewars over who stole who's mod and who is ripping off whom (all good info, depending on which allegations you trust) but what poor new user wants to wade thru flamewars to find help?

It seems the first place people will look should be see more the one place volunteers try to pitch in. Didn't most of us come looking at one of the Boonex sites first?

Anyone reading that hasn't checked out the three above-mentioned sites, do so! Boonexnerd just released a book format manual, dialme "News" page has an extensive list of superb tutorials, and darrenpowless has video tuts that are especially helpful for those visual learners. But please come back and try to help out a buddy when you can. Even if it's just to point out where the info can be found.
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